Bank of FabTan SG

Welcome to Bank of FabTan SG!

Have too many Fluxes in your inventory? Want to make more Fluxes using those you have? Well, you’re looking at the right place!

Bank of FabTan SG stores your Fluxes at Monster Buster Club Warehouse, you earn an interest of up to o.1% when you banking with us! It like a bank but instead of keeping the money, we keep Flux.

We have vast diversities of account types, there’s Savings Account, Current Account (For clubs or merchants), and even Debit and Credit cards! Yes, you can borrow Flux from us and pay it back at the end of the month or be deducted directly from your balance!

With BFTS account, you can also sell on MBC! In club world or on our website, with just a single account you will be automatically paid when you make a sale.