Welcome to Monster Buster Club!

We are Monster Buster Club MBC on Trove! Go to /joinworld Monster Buster Club MBC to visit us now!

The Monster Buster Club World is a mid-sized share-resources community-based club world. Our Club House has every crafting tables you need. With more than 130 members, we have a friendly community and a team of officers to provide you as much help as possible. We take care of every single member of the club, please follow our Chat Rules to ensure this friendly and helpful community free from the dark side.

The MBC organises events and competitions with fabulous prizes, check out our Upcoming Events regularly. Shadow Tower run on the day of reset, or upon request, contact Anthonykung, RedRobot, BringItBackLikeA or Enspyre for Shadow Tower carry.

Of course, our fantastic Discord Channel is available to you. There are also some giveaway codes in it if you know where to look.

Have fun then, if you would like to join us go to Member Registration or Application for Member of Active Duty.